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Part 4
Chuka Kurage - Jellyfish
Due to the encouraging response to Wakame Seaweed, we have started rolling out another premium topping : Chuka Kurage - Jellyfish !!!
There have been various studies to characterize jellyfish collagen to evaluate its use as a source of marine collagen for biomedical use. Researchers utilized laboratory methods of extraction such as water-soluble extraction method, acid-soluble extraction method, pepsin extraction method, heated treated and methanol extraction methods etc. according to some reports, the yield of collagen from different species of jellyfish may vary from 0.008 to 10.3 mg/g.
The details of such studies are too much to stomach here. In any case, why go to such an extent to extract the collagen when we can enjoy this delicacy and just let our stomach do the natural extraction.
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