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Part 9
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HOU HOU HOU !!! 2016 is most awesome! The actual day of our 2nd Anniversary coincides with the 1st day of the Chinese New Year!
As part of our 2nd year anniversary celebration, you can now enjoy $2 Off* with a minimum purchase of $16 in a single receipt!
Now you can have more healthy meals to compensate for overindulging over the festive season!
*Terms and Conditions: Valid from 2nd Feb 2016 to 29th Feb 2016. Not valid for delivery orders.
**Update: Apparently, according to our vendor, this discount is too complicated for our POS system to implement automatically and has to be keyed in manually. We apologize if we missed out any discount entitlement especially during peak hours. Kindly remind our team members about the discount if you are entitled but not given. Thank you! (*yes, we could have printed coupons but we want to save the trees and stop the haze!*)